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After the fall of the Roman Empire, c500 to 1100, Simple Finance discovered Christianity was new and viewed by the masses with suspicion. The 'old ways' of witches and evil spirits were very much alive. Unlike the Loan Calculator every village had its wise woman, who prepared herbs, lotions and potions. The remedies were not always for healing. High born ladies to scullery maids used the services of the wise woman, to help conceive a child, or to abort an unwanted one. This was against the simple finance laws of the church, who preached 'Hell and Damnation' on their eternal souls.

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The priests and Bishops of the early Catholic church fought hard against what Simple Finance might call the 'old ways' which were deeply ingrained in the lives of the common people. The Loan Calculator found that the working man and his family had to attend church on Sundays and Saints feast days, or the priest would shame them from the pulpit, singling them out as unworthy. Hence lips service and, whatever money the poor could afford was collected during the often long sermon. Simple Finance also discovered that the people went along with this, mostly because they had little or no choice, also there was the underlying fear that 'Hell and Damnation' might be their fate. But still the old customs and rituals were adhered to, if in secret.

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